Vision, Mission & Goals


A world where groundwater is developed and sustainably managed for community water supplies



Hydrogeologists Without Borders builds capacity in emerging regions to provide safe, sustainable water supplies



A. To establish HWB as the “go-to portal” for practitioners on best practices for groundwater development and sustainability

  • Collate, develop and demonstrate appropriate drilling, pumping, well design & construction methods, and technologies suitable for hydrogeologic conditions found in most emerging regions
  • Develop and host a knowledge base of low-tech drilling methods, pumping, and well design and construction methods for different hydrogeologic terrains
  • Achieve common recognition of a set of core high-level principles for groundwater practice to be adopted within the aid/development community
  • Catalogue sources of hydrogeologic information in emerging regions and provide easy access to all water organizations or individuals

B.  To facilitate the creation of a growing pool of professional and technical hydrogeologists in regions of critical need.

  • Develop, demonstrate and disseminate the knowledge and materials for appropriate education and training to communities and water organizations working on water supply and sanitation projects or programs.
  • Facilitate the development of professional hydrogeologists in emerging regions by supporting hydrogeology post-graduate programs and students in emerging regions
  • Facilitate the capacity building of water well drillers and technicians to apply best practices for development and management of water supplies

C.  To facilitate increased application of sound hydrogeological principles and practices in aid and development programs

  • Create an awareness of the need for appropriate and effective groundwater technologies to maximize return on water system investment
  • Inform the donor community of the unique role of groundwater in WASH projects, and assist them in utilizing groundwater in such projects
  • Create flagship examples of leading practice for groundwater supply management and capacity building in emerging regions

D. To establish HWB as a valued partner and leader in international networks of organizations engaged in developing safe sustainable community water supplies

  • Collaborate with water organizations working on community water supply in emerging regions
  • Partner with water sector capacity-building organizations
  • Participate in global water events and networks
  • Partner with funding organizations.

E. To ensure that HWB maintains the financial resources necessary to deliver on its mission on an ongoing basis 

  • Obtain sufficient funds to sustain key positions within the organization
  • Embrace, utilize and mobilize volunteer expertise
  • Grow the membership base over time